July 14, 2024

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F1-Inspired Ferrari 296 GT3 Revealed Looking Radical


Ferrari has taken the addresses off the new 296 GT3 and they have appeared to the Components 1 staff for some classes.

Ferdinando Cannizzo, head of GT racing vehicle design at Ferrari, mentioned: “We appeared at how they are accomplishing issues in Components 1 and prototypes, and copied that.

“We have exchanged some ideas and ideas with the F1 group.”

He included that there experienced been a great deal of conversation with “all departments at Ferrari”, including the Scuderia F1 operation, throughout the growth of the 296 GT3.

The Ferrari 296 GT3 signifies the long term of the Prancing Horse in GT racing, a sector that has always witnessed the closest partnership with customers and the finest transfer of technological innovation and impressive methods to manufacturing automobiles. The 296 GT3 grew out of the 296 GTB, the latest evolution of the Maranello company’s two-seater mid-rear-engined sports berlinetta concept.

The Ferrari 296 GT3 is an innovative venture, on and off the keep track of, that the Prancing Horse manufacturer determined to produce to continue on a winning custom dating back again to 1949 when the 166 MM triumphed in the 24 Hrs of Le Mans. This is a new approach in terms of design, motor vehicle management at all levels of a race weekend, electronics, and even the engine architecture, a 120° turbocharged 6-cylinder. A new notion designed to meet up with the requires of teams, expert motorists and gentlemen drivers, on whom Ferrari has always centered. This car or truck has been meticulously made in each and every depth and from each angle, in compliance with the new GT3 restrictions.

No price tag has been produced for the new vehicle, but Ferrari has promised there will not be a substantial enhance on the 488 GT3 Evo.


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