May 22, 2024

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F1 Clarifies Safety Car Rules That Cost Lewis Hamilton The 2021 Championship


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The complete off period has been plagued by a single word in the F1 sporting polices. In certain that word is “any” and it was beforehand identified in post 55.13. The argument was that this term was ambiguous, and permitted Michael Masi to establish that only the front 5 lapped cars and trucks would be supplied a wave-about, thus in impact handing the championship to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, for the reason that “any does not necessarily signify all”. F1 mentioned fuck that and deliberately adjusted the wording of that post from any to all, thus putting to bed any ambiguity.

There is no going back on the preposterous final result of the closing lap of the 2021 season, but to make absolutely sure that bullshit in no way comes about once more the FIA has amended the rule to specify that all lapped autos ought to be waved by the chief when it is risk-free to do so. This alter was produced as a end result of dialogue with all of the teams, and a great deal discussion in just the FIA itself. The alter built its look on Tuesday, when the finalized 2022 FIA F1 Sporting Restrictions ended up published.

The rule now reads as follows:

“If the clerk of the study course considers it protected to do so, and the information ‘LAPPED Cars and trucks May well NOW OVERTAKE’ has been sent to all rivals applying the formal messaging technique, all cars and trucks that have been lapped by the leader will be required to pass the autos on the direct lap and the basic safety motor vehicle.”

This now marks the second time in the previous month that F1 has had to make a rule adjust simply because of some fucked up shit Michael Masi did all through the 2021 season. If the 2022 regulations package deal experienced been in outcome throughout the 2021 time, Max Verstappen would have ended the period on 376 details to Lewis Hamilton’s 387.

Two supplemental regulations were being altered by F1 pertaining to write-up-race actions by drivers. The very first requires that all podium ceremonies and publish-race interviews be done with motorists putting on their driving suits “done up to the neck, not opened to the waist” which is a bullshit way of stopping motorists, notably Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, from carrying protest t-shirts beneath their suits. The 3rd main change is the outcome of Verstappen touching Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes in perc ferme adhering to the Brazillian Grand Prix, and the new rule states “Drivers will have to not interfere with parc ferme protocols in any way.”

Image for article titled F1 Clarifies Safety Car Rules That Cost Lewis Hamilton The 2021 Championship

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So which is one rule modify that admits what F1 did past year was wrong, just one rule alter that admits F1 does not treatment about the social leads to its drivers guidance, and 1 rule that is just good. Good do the job, fellas. Let’s test not to fuck it up worse this yr, eh? No strain. 


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